Sunday, March 14, 2010

thesis book in progress...

In addition to my thesis show/work, thesis statement, presentation and such I am working on a book that showcases the concepts of the thesis show. It will be an edition of 15. Five of the books will go to my thesis jury as a gift during my defense. And the rest will be for sale.
The book is going to have proofs of some of my prints in it, some digitally printed type and the rest typeset on the letterpress. It will be made of synergy bond paper, rice paper, and several other papers. It will have large empty sections where the "owner" of the book can take notes, or use it as a journal. Overall a fun/exciting project. Of course a LOAD of work. So I got a few pages done yesterday on the letterpress.. here some sample shots.


Anonymous said...

awesome !

Racheal said...

holy shizz.
1. you're crazy
2. i love you for being crazy...i mean a book-really???
3. brilliant idea
4. how much will they be?

amber perrodin said...

wow. these are hot!! good luck with the whole thesis business. by the looks of it, youre gonna do just fine!!

Anne Wallace said...

Hello there,

I ran across your blog in a seven degrees of separation way. Looking on Twitter to find Swiss art photographer Beat Streuli, who was friends with Mark Venema in Canada, who posted on Twitter about your thesis show. Reading his art news post led me here and I saw you intend to sell a few copies of your book.

I have a friend, Samira Zamani who is an amazing young printmaker from Iran. I wanted to find out about the cost because I would like to send her your book as a gift.

Many blessings,
Anne Wallace
rasabasart at