Monday, December 21, 2009

Leaving for Georgia tomorrow.

On December 13th, Scott and I organized a little "cookies & gluehwein" get-together at our place and despite snowstorm people came and it was fun :). Vroni took these two snow pictures right before she arrived at the party.

hm delicious cookies and fruitcake that vroni and I made, ryan's chocolate pudding cake, bhinesha's almond cookies, brad and shiri's polish cookies, anne-marie's lebkuchen and spekulatius cookies and of course my Gluehwein, which is spiced, heated wine. It tastes delicious and goes down like water. Hence everyone was quite happy for most of the evening ;).
At the moment the Print Zero Exchange 6 is being exhibited at the mouse print gallery in montreal. It's a tiny gallery and has over 380 prints shown at the moment. It's VERY cool, make sure you stop by to check it out!

Scott and I received a huge package from his family, it came by Greyhound express and weight 36 pounds! There were so many presents in there that they don't all fit under the tree. Or it looks like the presents are too big for the tree. ;)
Scott and I have been giving each other little presents through the advent calender that I made a while back. On December 11th there was this note in the calender and it lead me to a not so small present under the tree.

This is what the monkey lead me to! A really nice, real leather portfolio. Now I can carry my artwork around in a mad stylish portfolio case :). It doesn't just look good, it also smells good! Hmmm leather!

Btw, I don't have a picture of it yet, but i finished the first big linocut. 2 more to go... and less than 3 months to do it! What I can say, after one week of doing nothing but carving, my right hand thumb feels broken...

Also one other thing I don't yet have a photo of. Today there was another monkey-note in my advent calender and it lead me to a beautiful Singer sewing machine! OH MAN! I played with it all day! <3 <3 <3

Tomorrow Scott, Vroni and I are heading to Burlington, VT to fly to Atlanta. I hope all of you are having quite the exciting Holiday Season! I hope all of you get to hang out with family and/or friends! Lots of Love and Happiness!


Gray said...

Just a word of warning- be careful with the large portfolio case in strong winds... I have nearly been swept off infront of several buses. It works like a giant sail....

Aine Scannell said...

Hello Maria
I am enjoying reading your blog but very much wish you had the "followers"
gadget or is it widget enabled. That way I will be able to find you and keep up with you directly from my own blog. I can appreciate that you are busy though
best of luck with your project(s)

Maria Doering said...

Hello Aine,
Thank you I do have the blogger follower's thing. So you should be able to do it. You can also follow through regular blog readers.
glad you like my blog!
best and happy new year!

thank you for the warning, I found the cardboard portfolio's much worse than the leather ones with the sailing effect. :)
happy new year to you!