Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, holidays and all the good stuff, we definitely did. In fact it was filled with smiles and Laughter! :) My friend Veronika, my boyfriend Scott and I traveled down to Georgia to visit my family and stayed for a short week filled with AMAZING food, lots of fun and a little bit of sightseeing.

Scott and I on Christmas Eve.

As most of you know, since we are German we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve primarily. This is how we do it in my family: Go to church, then open presents, then eat a huge dinner of cooked carp. And for the last two years we made our own new tradition: we DANCE. ;) Doesn't matter how many or how few we are, we through on some 70's, 80's and 90's rock'n roll and Dance. My dad is the DJ. :) When we open presents, we do a lottery, everyone's name gets put in a bowl and one at a time a name gets picked. That person gets to open all their presents. That way everyone sees what everyone got, and gets to say thanks! I really like it that way, it's much more about love and family and being together and enjoying everyone's presence. Than it is about the gifts themselves. :)
Scott got a Vancouver Canucks book for Christmas from my parents. He was VERY excited.
In the front my brother Martin watching my Mom unwrap her gifts.

After-Dinner Digestive Herbal Snaps Shots..... Soon after, my Mom started taking Tequila shots with Vroni. ;)
After Dinner everyone was Dancing...
More Dancing....
My brother has become not only a wood technology specialist, he also has worked very hard in ceramics over the past semester. This Vase is what he gave me for Christmas. I think it's amazing! and it was inspired by the Pisa tower.

For my Mother he made this incredible water pitcher. It's really beautiful!!!

The morning of December 25th, since Scott usually opens presents then, my mom had one more gift for each of us that we were not allowed to open until that morning. And as probably many people this year each of us got a REAL "SNUGGIE" .... yes the blanket with sleeves. As retarded as those commercials are. It is mad comfortable! ;)

So on December 25th, we usually have some kind of huge LUNCH, or something between Lunch and Dinner, since after it you are so full you don't want to eat for a week. This time my Dad made Roasted Ducks with German potato dumplings, Brussel sprouts, kale, stuffing and green bean casserole. OH MAN it was so good, we had so many left overs that I just kept eating it randomly over the next 3 days between meals. Scott was also DELIGHTED, he gave it a big thumbs up. ;).
On the 26th we did some sightseeing in Atlanta. My dad dropped us off infront of the Aquarium, and we walked through the Olympic parc up to the Phillips Arena (Hockey) and the CNN building. We thought it was cool so we did a tour through the building and got to see the CNN and HLN studios as they were in use. It was pretty cool.

After our sight seeing tour, we went Bowling, Blacklight Bowling. It was so much fun! My parents at the bowling alley, Scott tried to jump into the picture but didn't make it. ;)

I have so many more pictures but I think this gives a bit of an overview :).
I wish you all a Happy New Year! :)


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