Friday, December 11, 2009

11 days until take-off.

I appologize for the scarce blogging these days. I'm really starting to feel the pressure in terms of my thesis. As always I'm working on way too many things at the same time. I now applied to a total of 30 different galleries/residencies and for each rejection I am sending out two more applications. Since I've only received rejections so far it's a lot of work keeping up with that promise ;).
Ok where should I start... I guess thesis. I've done almost nothing but carving my lino for the past 2 weeks at least on the days where I am home. My hands/ wrists/ fingers are in rough shape from it. But since my lino isn't the only piece in my thesis exhibition I started another large litho on my fav. stone at school. It's a piece that feels like it should belong to the "rejuvenation" print that I worked on over the summer.
Anways I better start showing some pictures, so much more to talk about, so here it goes:

My new Litho in progress:

A few days ago, it snowed, HARD and for a long time

Poor Scott had to go out in that very very windy snowstorm.

I'm still working hard on that Sketchbook project. Oh man, I almost wish this was part of the doodleoff ;). January is here soon.. that's usually around the time when we start thinking about the next doodle off anyways.. I think this year it's going to have to wait until after my thesis, but there definitely needs to be one! :)

Last but not least I finished the christmas cards for this year, very different from the past. But I like it. Goes well with the good year that almost lies behind us.

I typeset the letters, so they have a nice little embossment. :)

In 11 days Scott, Vroni and I are flying to Georgia to visit my family. I can't even begin explaining how excited I am!!!!!! :)

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