Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Val David - Round #4 Days 4-5 + 2 days back in Montreal

sorry for the delay on the updating. I'm not in Val David anymore but I am so busy I haven't been able to blog the works i finished over the weekend.
I feel a bit like panic today, there are so many things to do and not enough hours in the day. As always here is what's up (in no particular order):

- After editioning the litho on Sunday I decided I wanted one of my patterns printed over the entire edition, that print is now entitled "Awareness" and there are 3 very small editions that are slightly different, and a few AP's (Artist Proofs) where I experimented with some additional embossing.

It's for sale HERE!


This is one of the single AP's with blind embossment of another pattern.

More embossment detail on the AP.

-I did lots and lots of work in the ArthouseCoop Sketchbook.

-Scanning some more drawings I did in Italy to be added to my shop. That can of course be purchased HERE and HERE!

- After a long dryspell finally a substancial etsy order came in. (SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THAT!! (So is my credit card) Thank you MONIKA! ) So I got most of that order ready. I haven't had time to make more cards in a while so that's on the list of things to do this week.

- And I did some more experimenting with the pattern prints.

- After 2 months of work, I finally am 2 little pouches away from finishing the Christmas (Advent) calendar I've been working on. It was worth it, the only thing that sort of hurts is that I could have finished it in a week with a sewing machine. But it's ok we all know I'm a bit hardcore.
So of course there are still 2 pouches missing, hence the empty space.


Fiona said...

Womaaaaan! You've been working your face off!! Love the embossing - yum ;)

Maria Doering said...

yeah. almost no face left to work off. ;) thanks fi! the embossing is delicious lol i can't get enough of it!

Racheal said...

that embossing is out of control amazing!!!!!!!!!!

are you selling those 'experiments' the color on them and transparency is bangin'!