Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2x8ft lino #1 - drawing and carving

So as part of my thesis i am carving three 2x8 ft linocuts. Insane? Yes. Fun? YES!
I bought the linoleum as one large piece at a carpet and flooring store. It's not battleship lino but I find it actually works even better for very delicate carving because it has a bit more stable surface not quite as porous as the battleship. So. I so far only drew about one third of the lino and started carving, now I'll alternate between drawing and carving since it gives my hand a bit of a rest.
Between Drawing, carving and sewing my fabric pieces my left hand is hurting badly with Carpal Tunnel. I am so happy I had the surgery done 3 years ago on my right hand. I really wouldn't be able to do any of this otherwise. But I keep wishing I would have had it done on my left as well. Well gotta deal with it. Anyways.. here some pictures of my monster of a linocut.

I don't have a table long enough for it, so i have to improvise.

Only the pattern will be carved. not the figure. It's just there as guide.


Benedict Mayer said...

Love it, looking forward to seeing how this comes on!

Maria Doering said...

Thanks a lot Benedict! :) Curious, how did you find me? Through Printsy?