Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Busy busy busy .. and some fun! :)

It's been busy. I've been teaching another workshop, this time for the Mailaender Offset press. I finally bought my 6x8 ft linoleum, it came on a roll, so now it's flattening in our apartment before I can cut it into the three 2x8 ft pieces that I need. :) I also picked up the Japanese rice paper I want for printing them once they are carved. Big accomplishment. I'm relentlessly printing more fabric pieces. I think I printed somewhere between 60-80 new pieces for the installation. I started sewing the first patch and stuffing them. It takes a long time.
When ever I am "taking a break" I'm sewing a Christmas calendar for Scott and me. With 24 little pouches. Alternating days, one half I'll fill with presents the other half he will. And it'll make December a fun month. :) Will post pictures when it's finished. Last week he came home from work early, cooked us some chili and then took me out on a date to the Chinese Lanterns in the Botanical Garden. Oh it's so worth seeing, if you are in Montreal!!!
On Sunday Vroni and I did some Pumpkin Carving and I roasted some seeds.
Thursday I'm driving back up to Val David for a 4-5 days of non-stop-productiveness.

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