Friday, September 18, 2009

Sketchbook Exchange

About a month ago or so I got in touch with an artist who I found on, and Allison Honeycutt was interested in Art trading, so we decided to do a Sketchbook exchange. We are both starting out with a small moleskin, each one of us is doing the inside cover, first page and then the first spread. Once done we are exchanging the sketchbooks, and are going to work the next spread in each others moleskins. Then switch again..etc..etc.. In the end both of us will end up with a nice collaborative sketchbook filled with both mine and her art. So our first due date is September 23rd. I just finished mine, and thought I'll post them. I've used this opportunity to work out through sketching some of my thesis ideas and plans. But don't get too excited this won't tell you much about what the thesis project is going to be.

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