Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Many Many things going on. - New Lino and a box.

Lots and lots going on. Sorry for the lack of updates this past week. Here are some things I've been up to:

-Spent 2 days in the dark room at school, printing photos for my mother and my friend Bhinesha.
-Helped Bhinesha move into her new apartment.
-sent out 6 packages.
-participated in the Arthouse 10000 Project, and sent out my Submission.
-did a photoshoot for my thesis ideas and prepared some sketches, once it's more finalized I'll blog about it in detail.
-working on a new litho which will be donated to the Inspired Art Chicago Charity project
-got my studypermit and CAQ all sorted out, now I am set for Canadian visa's for the next year.
-got my workstudy authorization sorted out (this was supposed to be the easy part... WRONG!)
-researched LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of galleries, residencies and some scholarships that I am going to apply for this month, October and November.
-bugged my landlord about our apartment (which is falling apart.. things are breaking left and right)
-set things up for my friend Veronika from Germany (who is arriving tomorrow for 1 semester of studies in Montreal)
-annoyed the hell out of my boyfriend when I wasn't feeling all that well over the weekend.
-bought a Stunt Kite (on sale) and tried it out with Scott last Sunday. It's going to take some practice, but DAMN so much fun!
-lost my ATM card again and got it replaced
-made cupcakes
-packed up everything that is left in my studio space at school (have to move it all out this weekend)
-worked hard on finishing the newest Linocut.
-ate AMAZING beefstew and cornbread that Scott cooked this weekend
-organized a collaborative Sketchbook exchange with a cool woman who I found through ArtHouse-coop. She lives in IOWA and we are going to do something like a Moleskin exchange.
-Scott and I discovered a coffeeshop/soap store not far from our house, where after talking to the owner I am going to put some items for Sale on Consignment (meaning, I'll get paid when something sells). For that I made a display box, packaged all my items, labeled them and typed up a consignment contract. Will drop that off Friday or so.
- ... much more!

Anyways. Here some photos of what's new:

This is the box with items to be sold in the coffeeshop.
The Linocut I'm working on carving up.

The submission to the 10'000 Project for Arthouse.


Anonymous said...

Die Box sieht gut aus und der neue Lino auch,kanns kaum erwarten das Resultat zu sehen.Good Luck!

wee-fi said...

Thats awesome about the shop!!! :D What items did you put up for sale?

Maria Doering said...

a few small bound journals, cards, a few small prints as cards, etc.