Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Little Colette asleep in her stroller.

This past week I drew up a new litho-stone. As part of my sleep series but also my donation for the Inspired Art Chicago Charity Auction/Exhibition I did a drawing of the daughter of my dear friend (and former teacher) Jodi Greico. I'm very excited that I finally had the opportunity to create a portrait of at least one of her kids. The little Colette asleep in her Stroller. She is adorible and was quite a pleasure to draw.

This is the initial drawing on the stone, of course it will be reversed when printed something that on rare occasion i forget about. ;) woops. But that's ok. there are a few images where this really matters, in this case though it'll be just fine.


Jodilynn said...

Look at my beautiful baby drawn so beautifully by my beautiful friend! I am truly touched.

Anonymous said...

She is cute :-)
Mama Doering

sMacThoughts said...

wow, you have amazing talent!