Monday, September 7, 2009

Coz even a workaholic has got to have fun sometimes!

So here is the story... ;) Most people know that I have a hedgehog as pet. So the other day we went to Ikea with my friend Veronika (old friend from Germany, who is now studying in Montreal for a semester) and i found cookie cutters in the shape of a moose, a hedgehog, a fox, a snail, a bear, and a squirrel. As I have posted earlier this summer, I grew a lot of plants on our deck, peas, beans, sunflowers..etc.. And the entire summer we had Squirrels come in and dig in the pots, eat our flowers, bite through the stems of the big sunflower and then just leave it to die, make a huge mess on the balcony. And it didn't stop there either, whenever we leave the kitchen door open, we have to keep an eye out for the crazy squirrel that sometimes comes running into our kitchen attempting to attack our garbage can. So understandably I have a bit of a grudge against squirrels. But I can't kill them either. So the fun animal cookie cutters clearly were enough reason to let my imagination go wild ;).

After the death of the evil cookie squirrel, we enjoyed the vegan chocolate chip cookies very much! ;)
Vroni (Veronika) all smiles as always! For many more photos, adventures and if you read german, some stories too: Check out Vroni's blog

On Saturday Scott, Vroni and I went kite-flying. There wasn't much wind, but we still got it up a few times.

Oh yea.. and there was also a moose.

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So cool!