Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Sketchbook project AND the good ol' fabric pieces are back

Heyoeyoeyo. How goes it everyone?
It's friday. Which is always a relief even though I have to work tomorrow ;). But I like working so it's ok. I've been buuuusy. As always I'm trying to make my work schedule, my "art-work"schedule, my scott-maria schedule, my Vroni-Maria schedule, and my Maria-Maria Schedule work. Damn. To everyone else and the above listed who feel leftout. I'm sorry I'm trying. So. What have I been up to. Applying to a whole lot of shows and residencies and some scholarships.
Yeah doing my thesis without any funding is become a serious problem. But that's what happens when you go to places where you are considered "Alien" of sorts they just make your life miserable. Hence it's understandable that every once in a while i have the urge to punch the Quebec-students in the face. Because they do get horrendous amounts of funding and then they STILL BITCH ABOUT how much their (joke of a )tuition costs. Sorry. That had to get out. Anyways.
I'm working hard while juggling. I'm participating in another one of the legendary Art House Projects: The Sketchbook Project / The Sketchbook Library you should definitely check out their site, it's actually pretty cool. Anyways the way it works is that they sent you a sketchbook, which you need to fill. When you finished it will be part of a sketchbook collection, which will also go on a traveling exhibition and finally become part of the Art house Sketchbook Library.
Of course I have many more pages to fill, but this is what I got so far:
The cover.
The inside cover and first page.
page 2 & 3 I'm not sure if I will leave all the even pages blank, of if I'll cover them all with patterns. We'll see.
Page 4&5

Page 5&6
All of these drawings are geared towards my thesis ideas and I'm sort of using this project to work them out. Before turning to larger more solid pieces.

On another note, the Mailaender offset press is back to be fully functioning, and I printed the next batch of double-sided fabrics for my fabric installation. At the moment I am restricted to 20 at a time, hopefully over the span of the next semester I'll be able to double that per printing session. So now it's back to sewing. I was considering buying a sewing machine yesterday. But you know. Pricy. And that money needs to go towards my 8x6feet piece of linoleum that I am about to buy.


Anonymous said...

Nice,i am proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Mom

Maria Doering said...

:) thanks mama!