Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Val David Day 3 out of 4.

Hello my dear readers, followers of my blog who are overall just wonderful people! :)
Just felt like saying that today. :) Thanks for sticking with me!!!!!!!

The other night we had a thunderstorm, and shortly after the sunset-sky turned GOLDEN. It was so beautiful.

Rainbow behind the Atelier de l'Ile. :)

So now here is what's been going on:
2 days in a row 14h workshifts, in tropically humid weather is getting to me. Day 3 is not going to be much better but at least it's a bit cooler today. I have such bad allergies, I am sneezing my way through the Atelier.
Otherwise lots and lots of exciting stuff is happening. The last two days I drew up a little litho, that I am printing today. Hopefully I'll be submitting it to the International Print Exchange at Green Door Studios in the UK, if you are a printmaker check it out HERE! It is due Sept.1 st so sent it out ASAP, but it is a small edition and most people might already have an edition floating around their studios that fits the guidelines for this one.
I also printed about a million layers of my pattern linocut. I editioned the large one yesterday, and experimented with some fabrics.

Additionally I drew up and started carving a new linoblock, that I am quite excited about. It's steering more and more towards my huge Thesis projects, the prints I am doing now, might be in my MFA Thesis Exhibition in April or not, eitherway they are sort of researching the methods that I am going to use for my main Thesis work. My Masters degree is officially a non-thesis degree, but they treat the "Graduate project" as Thesis, with Thesis work, Thesis Exhibition, a Thesis Jury and finally my Thesis Defense (yes we have to defend ourselves infront of a Jury) all of that is going to happen in April. So we'll see how it goes. Hopefully in the next two weeks, I'll blog about my Thesis-Battle-Strategy. What I am planning on making and how and why..etc..

Anyways here some photos of the work in progress:

This was the one I printed the other day and posted, this is what it looks like trimmed as bleed print, I had pinned it to a board, and I actually kind of like seeing it mounted to something in this color.
This is the same image with only one layer printed on it. THought it was interesting this way too, so I left one like this.

The new linocut.

I finally did a test with a third color (a yellow) on this print, I like it a lot. It gives it a very strange effect.

Another test.

Kind of liked this proof as well, I played with the back side of one of the proofs from the "Possibility"
Editioned the large ones.

This is the little litho that I am going to be editioning today.

My fabric experiments:

Alrighty friends, this is all for now!

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