Wednesday, August 5, 2009

new studio + finishing up Noah-Litho (aka old man litho)

The past 3-4 days I spent re-arranging one half of our apartment. Starting in September I won't have a studio space at school anymore, and all the things that are currently there have to come home/ I need a SPACE to work in, (and to think up and create my thesis.) I was not happy the way the current set up was, eventhough I had a whole room to myself, it was very cramped already and because there is a tree in front of the window, very dark. Way too dark for me to work in. So it was time to find a solution. :) I think we found a great one. we turned my former studio into a double office, scott and I share that big room with both of our office desks and it's working quite well. And my art work space is now where his old office space was. Because there is a big window (which isn't blocked by a tree) and the front balcony door, I have a LOT OF light in there especially until around 2 in the afternoon, then it gets a bit darker, but still no were near as dark as in the other room. I also wanted to be able to easily pin things to the wall/ pin paper/ canvas to the wall andwork on it directly. So I went to homedepot and bought 2 8x4 foot panels of insulation (pressed paper) fiber board, attached it to 3 of the walls and painted it white. Now I just have to bring home the rest of my supplies from my school-studio. And I'm ready to roll.

Storage space, I am going to put up at least one more shelf in there, and I sort of created like a luggage net, that keeps my million portofolios in place.

The big 8x4 panel.

Shelf purely for supplies.

my drawing table, with pinboard next to it that is dedicated purely to collecting ideas for the thesis and images/artists that inspire me.

I also did the first 2 etches on the Noah litho, this is the stone lithograph that I started drawing over a year ago, and never finished until this summer. Tomorrow I am actually printing/editioning it. Hope all goes well. Then I can finally put a new image on that stone. :)

Before the etches.

After the first etch, rolled up ready for the second etch.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Noah! is looking good,i like your new studio!

Racheal said...

wow. it's been 4 years already?
whathave we been doing maria?

LOOOVE the paper with thoughts, inspirations---what do you do with that afterwards?

oh noah!! i'm happy you are continuing with this series.

Maria Doering said...

Racheal: it's been 2 years, i'm now in my final year at concordia, the third is only to create a thesis body of work for a thesis exhibition. And for some reason for that they don't let you stay in the studios at school.

I think you mean the white pinboard with all stuff pinned to it.. That's a pinboard mounted to the wall with print-outs, photocopies, magazine cutouts pinned to it :). And as always whatever I collect there in the end goes back into my box of inspiration (which is where i got a lot of the inspiration images from anyways. And that'll be in there until I needed again.

I think for now Noah is the last one in this 2 part series. :) glad you like it!