Monday, August 17, 2009

Back in Val David for 4 days of experimenting/printing madness.

I'm back at the Atelier de l'Ile in Val David, QC. This time only for 4 days, but believe me, very very very productive 4 days. Here is the plan: 2 days of Linocut insanity, I'm experimenting with layering pattern, and layering transparent colors of my lino pattern over lithos..etc. Also some fabrik experiments. The 2nd 2 days I'll be dedicating to printing one or 2 new lithos (depending on how many I manage to draw up.) Only little ones this time.

Here some photos of work in progress:

One layer of linocut pattern.

2 layers.

3 color layers of linocut - pattern on this litho (this print will be trimmed down to be a bleed-print)

Now same print with 6 layers

This is what the bottom strip looks like up close, It's going to be trimmed off, but I actually like this so much that I am thinking of making a whole print with just these layers.

I had some old fabric-prints left from my ongoing installation project, it was time to experiment on it with the new pattern. It made me think I should just do linocut prints on t-shirts, haha why not.

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Anonymous said...

Ich mag sie alle,aber das letzte mit beiden pattern ist schoen!!