Sunday, June 21, 2009

work in progress - sleep drawing & growing plants..

This is what I am currently putting a lot of my time into.. I think I want to do a series of sleep drawings this summer, :) Of course this is unfinished but i kind of like it like this too. I'm also spending a bunch of time in the dark room, as soon as there is something to show, I'll upload that as well. :)

The beans and peas. :)

A few of the many sunflower plants! also grown from seeds!

Our strawberries!

Beans are about to blossom!
And my peas are starting to blossom as well!

I can barely believe that these guys grew from seeds! :) hehehe i'm a proud plant mommy! :p

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Alice Wong said...

OMG your strawberries are so much more mature than mine! You can consider mine fetuses!!! I love your plants they look awesome and so happy to be a live <3