Sunday, May 17, 2009

our new home :) hehehe!

I've been waiting for it to stop raining so I could take photos of our extremely sunny apartment. Well it stopped but the sun is still not back. And since people have been complaining to me about wanting to see photos of the new place after the move, I finally gave in and shot a few, please imagine loads of sun coming in through the windows. My studio, Scott's office, and the entry hall are very sunny in the morning, and the rest of the apartment is very sunny in the afternoon, where as I have to say the sundeck is sunny pretty much all day! :) IT'S SO FRIGGIN' BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE IT!

Anyways enough talk about sunshine, here are the photos:
Our living room, with my old bed that we turned into a couch/guest bed.

My studio :)

Exit onto the front-balcony. One side of Scott's office.
Scott's Office :).
Our entry hall.


Kitchen, obviously. We are planning on getting another table the same kind and some chairs so more than 3 people can eat at it. :)

Say Hi to my green bean plants and Peas! :)
There is a cloud of amazing sent on the sundeck thanks to the HUGE lilac bush/tree.
My baby sunflower plants.

Baby Bean-plant. ;)
The other night Scott and I did our first BBQ of the year! HMMMMMM delicious!


Alice Wong said...

CUUUUUUTE. YAY It looks great!!! I wish I could see it in person !!!

Anonymous said...

BBQ....wait for me!

Motivation13 said...

yeah! great!!! I am so looking forward seeing it! ur kitchen is amazing! lov u! *Knuddl*

Best Online Corner said...

hopefully your happy with your new home :)


Best Online Corner

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