Saturday, May 2, 2009

Meet our new apartment! :)

I just couldn't resist, even though the landlords cleaning-people haven't been there and dusted the place off so we can move in, it is too nice to not show it off already! :) So below is the door that you come through after climbing a very long staircase to the second floor.

Right next the open entrance hall is a nook which will be scott's office "area".
Next to the nook is a large window and the front balcony door. on the other side of that wall is the double room which will be my studio and the living room.

The room with the window is going to be my studio.
The other half will be the living room! (love the columns! haha!)

Our cute bathroom with a huge window/skylight. And a cute bathtub.

This room will be our bedroom.

Ok the kitchen is gigantic. This is only a third of it...

This is also the kitchen. opposite this wall is the wall with washer/dryer/frige and stove.

The door that leads out on the sundeck

The huge sun deck that could be easily turned into a reed-roof-patio.
it's nice how "private" it is. For people watching one can hang out on the front Balcony!

The neighbors downstairs have a cute little backyard, i really hope they'll grow lots of veggies and stuff, since it's all set up for it! :)


Fiona said...

omggggg It is HUGE woman! : ) lol I'm so happy for you and def excited to visit :D

Jodilynn said...

It's SO beautiful and bright and peaceful looking. I am so excited for you both!

alice wong said...

Totally cute!!! Not just the apartment, but you guys as well ^^ Yay!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I will check it out!
Love Mom

Racheal said...

omg claw foot tub!!

Maria Doering said...

Haha! Thanks guys! :)
It is huge! It took me the whole past week to unpack (MY STUFF) and put it all away. But now we are slowly moving Scott in too and it's definitely starting to look like a home! :) It also feels much more like a "house" than an apartment :)