Friday, April 3, 2009

New Item for sale!


Anonymous said...

Hallo mein Kind!
Die Karten sehen cool aus. Wieviele hast du denn davon?
Bussi Mama

Maria Doering said...

Die Karten sind einmalig, es sind 4 stueck mit passenden umschlaegen. :) Bussi

Racheal said...

hey is that a photo with doodles on top? the image itself is real niiice.

Maria Doering said...

if you check out the photos from my georgia trip which are posted earlier on the blog the original photo is posted there, I photocopied 2 different versions of it, and then doodled over it. :) I love that shape, nature is crazy! They are like spiky pine cones (that are really little balls and not cones).
And the original photo was taken with my SLR manual camera :) REAL film! Yeay!