Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kite-flying and sunshine and such.

oh hello. After another round of sickness, ear infection, cold etc. the weather was finally a lot nicer even if only one day at a time Scott and I went to the park along the St. Lawrence river and assembled his super complicated kite (took us about an hour and a half) only to realize that we have no professional kite flying skills which is something you need for this monster (aparently). We tried though! His brother is very much into kites so he will show us one day how this thing works. So it doesn't fly up and come crashing down trying to take one of us out, as it did the other day. On Friday we are signing the lease on our place :) Soooo excited. I'm already working on packing up my life into boxes. Which is definitely much easier this time because I have so much wonderfulness to look forward to!
Other news, i've been working like crazy on new etsy items. This past week I made 50 new cards and a whole bunch of other stuff that will be posted soon!

Also, very exciting! THE DOODLE-OFF v. 3.0 is starting this Friday May 1st. It is hosted by, who will do a "weekly-best" update. As always though the full competition is posted on the official Doodle-off site. This time we have a LOT of paticipants and the competition lasts over 2 months and 150 doodles a person! You should definitely check out the blog, there will be doodle give-aways to the audience and in the end a beautiful handbound book which will hopefully be up for purchase in July/August. Leave us some love and motivation!!

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