Saturday, April 4, 2009

GREEN GREEN GREEN... or the attempt to swosh winter away and invite the Spring in!

I actually did it.. I printed the Lithopattern in GREEN on the Mailaender offset press.. I don't think I have used the color green itself in print for anything in probably 2 years or so... maybe longer. But here it is, and I kind of love it, I mostly printed this edition of 20 doublesided ricepaper sheets for some variation of greeting cards for my etsy shop. As soon as I produced the first set of green cards I'll let you know ;) so you can run and buy it really quickly... maybe it'll work and it'll shoo winter away!

Rob assisted me during printing. It cuts working time into about 1/3rd of what it would take me when printing by myself. It's really nice to have an Assistant on this press.

hmmmmmm green!

I sponge with a bit of Tannic Acid in my water which helps the place stay stable and not fill in with ink everywhere. Since the inking rollers are quite heavy that is always a concern on this press.

Rob putting a new sheet of paper onto the paperbed and securing it with bits of tape, the ricepaper is tricky it sometimes gets sucked into the inking rollers or can even get stuck on the blanket.

Sponging, usually people let others assist them with sponging... no way, I rather do that myself (it's the easiest to screw up!)


more sponging.


Anonymous said...

Man sieht du hast Spass!
Love you Mom

Maria Doering said...

:D hatte ich auch! Mann ich wuenschte ich koennte meinen namen auf die druckerpresse setzen!!! <3

Racheal said...

isnt it weird how one color can change the interpretation of the piece. it went from vein like blood vessels to twigs and vines

Maria Doering said...

I know it's crazy, at the same time though, those pattern (our vains, trees and twigs, roots and even riverbeds ARE identical). That's how nature works. :)