Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trip to Domaine des Merveilles

Scott and I needed some serious relaxation time, so for Valentine's day he booked us a room at this beautiful lodge style bed and breakfast out in the Laurentian "mountains", near Val David. Since neither of us had time for this on V-day, we went this past weekend. It was so beautiful. I was sucked into a whole lot of photography.


First time Snow-shoeing or... what the host called it: walking on tennis rackets... :D

He gave me the bigger pair and instantly regretted it ;).

The bed and breakfast (domaine des merveilles) was built by the owner with wood from B.C. They are also selling 3 or 4 other super luxerious log houses arond the lake. (half a million each).

Oh and the restaurant we ate at made fantastic food art. :)

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Anonymous said...

damn scotts tall.
it looked so quite and peaceful. it reminded me i need to go to NH