Saturday, March 28, 2009

SPA lino 2009 in progress and cupcakes that make your heart race..

Yes it's that time of the year again... the S.tudent P.rint A.ssociation's annual printexchange. It's of course due next week, and most of us just remembered now... ;) This is the first time I am printing a linocut on top of one of my double sided pattern lithos on ricepaper. It's going well, just that as you'll see below I didn't think of the fact that ricepaper is not very absorbant and after 4 colors the print is so wet that it should sit and dry for a couple of days (no time to do that, got 4 more colors to go... If I would have considered this earlier and put dryer into the ink from the get go all this would not be a problem. ...

printing the 2nd color.

4th color-carving

the small offset press

so this is the current state... after 4 colors.

Anne-marie and I made cupcakes very spontaneously yesterday... They were incredible, I am going to invest in my own cupcake oven tray, So much fun!

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Racheal said...

mmmm everything looks delicious