Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New York.

Smile! The beautiful Mister Jamie who is actually a Mrs. Jamie. Super camera curious!
Jamie is now so big that she can climb ontop of my shoes..... which she likes doing a lot.
Even just, to chill.
An old painting of mine finally found it's resting spot in Fiona's livingroom. :) Jippy!

Our tradition, we always go to Chelsea, and we always eat at Don Giovanni's when we are there. Great pizza. But the Chelsea experience was a huge disappointment this time around. I don't know what is going on in New York, but I have NEVER seen so many terrible exhibitions in Chelsea. What is going on? It seems like there is a new "school" of painters .... the muddiest, ugliest, most fickle un-cohesive work I had to see in years. I wouldn't even comment about it if it was only one exhibition, but by the time fiona and I finished looking at 23rd and 24th street we left slightly depressed and rather pissed off.

We ate before looking at art, which was a good idea, on an empty stomach I definitely wouldn't have been able to handle the aweful work we were about to see.


Anonymous said...

hahaha! recession.
people are fearful and in shitty states of mind so is their art.

jaime will always be a transgendered turtle to me

Maria Doering said...

That's what I said about Jamie ;).

I don't know if it's enough to use the recession as excuse. In the end. Artists are often the ones in bad financial situations anyways.. i don't know.. what I saw there was just a load of crap and for the first time in my life i thought... geeeez... if this guy can be on the cover of art in america and get a solo show in chelsea what the hell am I going to be getting... I think that was supposed to be making me feel better... but it did the opposite.. it scared me..

Anonymous said...

you make a good point

Motivation13 said...

well, I went to the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna in January and except of Peter Koglers big lightinstalations, most of the "art" over there was crap. it just reminded me of the sixties and seventies, of a selfliberation they did at that time. it was mud, blood, nudes and dejection all over. it didn't transfer a message to us and we were just scared of what we saw there. well, next time i'm going to go to the old masters. There I know what i get! ;)