Thursday, March 26, 2009


I noticed a blog a while ago that is pretty interesting, esp to those concerned with the environment, Recycling...etc.. Check it out!

There are about 3 weeks left before my final Critique.. how do I feel about it? Ok. I have to say this semester has been very different from the past (I know I say this every semester), mostly because I have been spending more time on actually living my life and experiencing things, traveling, etc. I think that is just as important as making art. It always informs my work and it's crucial to find a balance. I think this blog always shows quite well how I am balancing or ... not. So I wanted to post some photos of my family since my brother and I flew down for a surprise visit March 14th-21st. We hadn't seen our grandparents in a few years and they visiting my parents. It was important to go and it was very important to spent at least a week with everyone together. OF course it was also already summer in Georgia... OHHHH the weather was so beautiful!! It was nearly painful to have to return to the freezing Montreal. But then again Scott was enthusiastically awaiting my return :).
What I am super excited about is the fact that I am currently finishing up my last few required seminar classes, a few more due dates and then I am free to work on my thesis. Oh I have never been so ready to get out of school. I am going to use the full next year to figure out the next few steps and of course to put together my thesis show. In a few months I am planning on purchasing my first own little printing press. Which is already a big step. :)
Anyways, it's photo time:
My brother Martin hanging out in the kitchen.

Grandma (Oma Almuth) & Grandpa (Opa Winfried)

My parent's living room.


Gran is making Mushroom sauce/soup for 6 people!


Artifacts on the beach.

Dad taught my Grandparents how to fish. :)

Martin making us delicious sausages.

Dad checking for fish. :)

Mama :).


Anonymous said...

Hallo Maria!
Wir freuen uns,das du so schoene Bilder ausgesucht hast!
Bussi von Oma und Opa
Mama und Papa und der Mietze ;-)

Racheal said...

awwww i love the doerings. happy it turned out great. and nice weather too.