Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Doodle - OFF featured on "The Iron Doodlers"-blog

Remember when "the scott", "the American"and "the German" got super duper intense and had 2 doodle-off's last year? One in January and one in the summer? We had relocated that little competition to it's own blog "the doodle-off-blog"... and due to too many things happening we all kind of forgot about the blog.... until "the American" aka Racheal just showed me this:

Super cool? Aparently my doodle-banana is the total Iron Chef.. I mean Doodle and I am still the defending Champ :). Time to change that guys!


alice wong said...

Lol, too cute. I love how the whole thing is worded. So intense

Maria Doering said...

I know I totally do too!! :D