Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here is what's up. - Mailaender action.

Hello Friends,
Sorry for falling behind with updates. This is probably the strangest semester I've had at Concordia. Maybe because for once, despite my poor health, life is REALLLY good. It did take me a long time to recover from my pneumonia and after 2 weeks without a cough I caught the 2nd cold of the year. In the mean time my birthday has passed which was nice :). And I've been taking Yoga to help me back on track. I have been working on a that large Scroll "rupture" piece for a while now and am finally finishing up. I am planning on making several of those, so I had to reprint the pattern which I successfully did yesterday.

Sponging on the Mailaender. Spreading a thin layer of water onto a ball grain lithography plate.

"Impression on" inking and transfering image to the (blue) blanket.

And off we go.... sending the carriage back.

Thanks to my assistent Rob, who stopped by for a couple of hours we managed to print all 43 sheets double sided.

And well... of course cleaning up afterwards....

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Anonymous said...

Looks busy to me and i think you have fun...
love M