Monday, February 2, 2009

Here is what's new: Etsy cards, new Rupture - drawing & stuff.

Finished my new set of 5 new greeting cards with envelopes, lithograph on ricepaper collaged on greeting cards, finished up with intricate ink drawing. Can be purchased HERE.

I also got started on a new "rupture" drawing, this time twice as wide and four times as long. I glued together four full sheets of the pattern ricepaper.

Nuffnuff's new playground. She now has two boxes connected by a tunnel. Her regular one is now connected to the box with her running wheel (which she loves so much that I wake up at 3 in the morning, taking it out of the box because it squeeks when she works out in it for hours non-stop. ;) )

My new Kitchen table & chairs.

My new dresser and bookcase :). I love IKEA!

Oh and some new Hair-style... I missed my Italy-hair, so it was time for curls again. It's not short if it looks like it, I just put it up today.


Fiona said...

Love the crazy hair!!!! lol And the furniture - so sweet. I can't wait to see what happens with the extra large rupture piece as well - sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Maria!
Das ist eine gute Idee mit der Papierrolle und dem extra grossen rupture
love mom

Maria Doering said...

:) danke mama

Anonymous said...

wowowowowow!!!! i like the flow of the newsest rupture.

the hair is kick ass.

Motivation13 said...

Hey Honey!
rupture is pretty cool, looking forward to see it in real!
New furniture? Don't forget u r going to move again! ;)
Love u honey!