Monday, January 12, 2009

What's good in Jan. 2009.

So.. The new year is almost 2 weeks old. I am beginning my second week of classes and caught a cold around New Years and am still coughing from that. Not cool.

Other than that this year has already been amazing!

Some news:

- I heard from Print Zero Studios in Seattle that the 50/50 catalog is coming along fine and will probably be out soon. Will let you all know the details on that when I know more.

- I am excited for the next issue of the Underground Art School Magazine ;) for which the wonderful Racheal asked me to do a little interview.

- Next week a tiny tiny groupshow "Toot Sweet" is going to open at the tiny Mouse Print Gallery in Concordia University's print department. My fabric installation will be part of it. :)

- The Etsy Print Team: Printsy. Asked me to do an interview for their blog which will be posted soonish. :)

- This just totally made my night.... some of you might understand why... ;). Fiona, Racheal: YOU MUST WATCH THIS! ;)

- Going to a super fabulous Streetlight Manifesto Concert on Jan. 27th. AHHHHH I can't wait!

- Ice skating tomorrow. ( Got new Skates.. YEAY!)

Last night Ryan invited a couple of people over because he just likes cooking so much. So we had a delicious whole wheat Spagetthi Bolognese (meatsauce) with so called "Spaghetti squash" first time in my life that I got to eat that vegetable which has the weirdest spagetthi like consistency after it was baked in the oven. Eitherway definitely fantastic. Anne-Marie and I brought ingredients for the desert... We fried/roasted Banana and Almonds with lots of honey. Delicious? Definitely!

Hmmm dinner, with Heather, Ryan and Anne-Marie.

So... this was my portion.. After which I was totally stuffed..

This was Scott's portion, who came home late and got to eat most of the left overs ;).

Anne-Marie REALLLY loving the food!

Scott (left). Ryan the cook on the right.

Anne-Marie and my fabulous fried Honey Banana's with Almonds.

Scott et moi. ;) He said this was his favorite photo.. so here it is! ;)


Anonymous said...

Eigentlich wollte ich nur Fruehstueck machen,werde jetzt Nudeln kochen,das sieht so lecker aus!
Love Mama

Jodilynn said...

M...puke free at the moment and checking up on you here since a) you're not on FB and b) have I told you i LOVE readng your blog? It makes me feel like we are visiting, which I fear may never again happen in reality ;o(

anyway, write me of this cute man please...

Maria Doering said...

:) Glad your puke free now! Hope she feels better ASAP!
haha so glad you love reading my blog!
this cute man is my man! :D And I am totally giddy about it and I'll have to tell you when we talk on fb! :)