Saturday, January 24, 2009

Toot Sweet Vernissage & ice-sculptures

Last night was the opening for the Toot Sweet show that Raed Mousa curated in the little Mouse Print Gallery at Concordia. (9th floor E.V. building). Despite the fact that I am still coughing up my lungs I was determined to show up. (Many friends had announced themselves to stop by!) Super thanks to Anne-Marie, Ryan, Martin, Fabiola, Jen, Scott, Joanne, Danielle, Brad (who brought wine and cheese... YEAH! AWESOME!) and Brad's super cool friend whose name i forgot. So I had a great time with everyone and it was good to be back at school at least for a couple of hours. Due to my crappy health, bronchitis and then pneumonia I've been in bed pretty much for a week and a half now.The show was successful, many people from Concordia, UQAM and misc. other places came to see this tiny exhibition. The two fellow artists Gabrielle and Nelson did a real wonderful job with their work. The definite star of the show was Nelson from UQAM who's silkscreen on plexiglass was interactive and "scratchable". After the exhibition Scott and I grabbed something to eat really quick at Boustan's and on the way we saw the hockey-ice-sculptures on Crescent. Definitely cool. :) Anyways. Today I am back to coughing in my apartment. Tuesday is the next doctor's appointment. This better go away before then!

"inside me" doublesided offset litho fabric installation

Martin testing for softness.

Fabiola and Martin being hilarious!


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