Sunday, January 25, 2009

sloooooowly getting back on my feet.

So today was the last day of my antibiotics, feel much better, not entirely cough free, and whenever I speak, laugh or breathe cold air (which is kind of inevitable in this climate) I still have coughing fits. But I am better. Over the past few days I've been getting very very frustrated because I've been sick for a month now, and have been completely useless. Couldn't go to work, or school, for the past week or even reallly do anything at home. Yesterday I decided that it's time to listen to my own advice. Everytime someone asks me how to get over a creative low, I say, well really do anything productive. Clean your apartment, do dishes, cook...etc... It'll help.

So I cleared out my bookshelves and organized them in a way that I can actually find books. They were still the same messiness from when I moved in. And in the process I found a bunch of books I didn't even remember I had. I also ended up looking through my old prom and highschool photos (OMG!!!!!! I feel so old!!!!). Then I cooked a gigantic Japanese style dinner for my boyfriend and I... Miso Soup, Edamame, pan fried Dumplings (Gyozas) and a delicious pork/veggie Udon noodle stir-fry. So that already made me feel quite a bit better.
Today I went to the library and picked up a stack of new audio books to listen to, then I didn't feel well, so I took a 4 hour "nap" until about 3, after which I ate more delicious and healthy Edamame, and went to my fabulous Yoga class. After that it was time for more non-art creativity. I baked a cake for my boy and his roommate. yeah. just because.
So now the cake is in the oven. I'm ready to listen to some audio books and clean my desk and my drawing table. Maybe I can actually get myself to work on my etsy cards or something. We'll see. Clearly I just retested my own creative-low-advice. And it's kind of working ;).

not quite finished.....

hm this photo won't upload the right way... oh well.. anyways.. that's the finished cake! :D

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Anonymous said...

Na das klingt doch besser!
love you!