Monday, January 19, 2009

sick and tired of coughing...

Hello Friends,
how come I am not updating like crazy? Well still sick... been to the doctor 4 times in a week. Had to call out of work, was totally unproductive and felt like crap. I am now coughing like crazy for 3 weeks already..... AHHHH. Tomorrow I am going to see an Asthma specialist. Probably won't do much good since I am already on enough medication to grow a second set of lungs. But I have to keep trying.
Anyways. I have been reading a lot and working a bit on my writing project for my creative writing project class, otherwise hanging with Monsieur Scott, who has been taking good care of me :). In order for me to not completely lose my mind due to lack of creative activities, I've been taking lots of photos. And I started working on a new set of collage/drawn/painted greeting cards for which I am testing my new 8 color set of Windsor&Newton color inks.
Little preview of work in progress:


Anonymous said...

Gute Besserung mein Kind,hab dich lieb!
Die Karten sind schoen!

Anonymous said...

did you dye your hair?? it looks so red and lovely even though you feel like poop.

i sent you a package on saturday:)
it has some surprises.

Anonymous said...

get better quickly!!!

Maria Doering said...

yes i did :) it's bright red, i love it! haha

thanks rach,
miss your emails! :)