Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last week's snow and ice in Montreal.

I have been a bit behind with posting, just too much going on in the past week! I am finally in Georgia with my family. It's so wonderful to be home! Anyways I just wanted to post the photos I took last week in Montreal when we had lots of snow and ice and on some days the temperatures dropped down to -26 C. First big snow of the season, this year it definitely took longer for winter to come around. Of course now I am in Georgia, and since I've arrived it has rained pretty much non-stop and the temperatures are now 19 C. It's really warm and really humid. Either way, here some photos of my street, the park near my apartment. The best part of this snow and icestorm last week was that all the tree branches where completely encased in ice, so when the wind went through them you could here the ice squeak and crunch. Very strange noise!

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Anonymous said...

Huh its tooooooooo cold-but i still love how nature looks with ice and snow!