Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Man, I am so not ready to return to stressful Montreal/school/job...etc... life. Being home has been truly wonderful! As always we had a fantastic Christmas celebration and as always the food was insanely delicious! As most of you know my family celebrates Christmas eve, so we go to church, exchange presents and then have a big feast with cooked fish. And the next day we eat another big feast for lunch, usually duckling.

My dear brother Martin made this beautiful living room table for my parents for Christmas. It's exciting to see the wonderful furniture he is making these days.

The whole family minus the cat.

When we open presents we do a name lottery and the person's name that is drawn, gets to open all their presents. So each person gets their turn, we get to take photos and thank everyone. It makes Christmas more enjoyable. So my grandma gave my brother fruit tea with chili that was called "suesser teufel" meaning "sweet devil". ;)

Mom and Martin, hiding behind the tree.

I am now a proud owner of a fabulous new printmaking apron! My parents got it from the Tamarind institute. Probably the most useful gift ever (next to the electric toothbrush, bouillon cubes, measuring cup, and clothing iron!) Haha I love Christmas!

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Getting ready for the big Christmas eve feast.


After the feast we were all happy and kings for the night.

Since I love taking photos of food. This was Christmas day, the lunch. German potato dumplings, Kale, home made red cabbage, home made cranberries, and roasted duckling.


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Yummy yummy...!

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I love the crowns!!!!!!!!