Sunday, December 7, 2008

Final Critique - December 5th, 2008

Due to my severe allergies I am consciously aware of my body at all times. Paying very close attention to how I feel has saved my life over and over again. In these situations I have learned that my body and my mind are constantly affecting each other. Our mental state can cause us physical pain, and physical problems will affect our state of mind. When I am having an allergic reaction and asthma attack I can help myself by staying calm and focussed and getting to my medication or a doctor in time. If I lose mental control and start panicking, my physical response gets magnified five - fold and my throat closes up even faster.
Some days I feel like my physical state is trying to rule my life for me, this is an ongoing internal power struggle. This conflict coupled with the wish of breaking out of these physical restraints creates anxiety and the feeling of being trapped. Despite this I believe that behind that bodily shell lies something fundamentally beautiful, peaceful and calm, but my body keeps me from reaching this mysterious healing place with-in. The wish to be able to finally access it freely and make it me, inspired the “Rupture” series of drawings on prints. There is a sense of claustrophobia and irritation that the grabbing hands are trying to deal with by tearing open the flesh and releasing the good.
The body as I know it to be true is beautiful, grotesque, spectacular and internalizes a mysterious universe that is me.

Some Key-thoughts:
Mystical landscape of the body and healing
“thin skinned”, wearing ones emotions like clothes
physical issues and internal issues externalising themselves.
Human Emotion
the mysticism of the landscape of my emotional internal world
mysterious connection between body and mind
which are often ignored or forgotten
Meditative state
definition of beauty
Recording my Experiences
Unanswered questions
Constant question:

Some artists that speak to me:
Kaethe Kollwitz (lithos), emotions, moods, devastation
Lucien Freud (drawings and etchings), linework , quality of line, expressions
Emilio Grecco’s linework, interaction and abstraction of two people, fading, unfinished
Gustav Klimt, juxtaposition of portraiture and pattern
Arnulf Reiner, Painting on photography (Uebermalungen), expressing the mind and soul
Kiki Smith, Emotional states total expression through image, material..etc.. fragility, very conceptual though, and rather minimal
Frida Kahlo – emotional record-keeping, recording experiences.

December 2008


Anonymous said...

this. made. my. day! Just seeing it all makes me smile. It all looks so great. and look at all of that work! and the concepts all correlate and make sense. yep.

i like the floating technique in presentation and those little card collages piled up. AH! amazing

oh yea and you look adorable

Maria Doering said...

thanks racheal. I'm glad it made sense. I had a good critique. People gave good helpful feedback and I think they overall understood it.
the floating 3 feet away from the wall was good because that way people could walk behind them and see the light shine threw the crazy colors and shapes on the other side.. almost looked like strangely fleshy stained basically when you walk on the other side you are really on the "inside" :)

Alice Wong said...

I love your concept! It makes me miss you. And I agree with Rachel you look great!!!

Maria Doering said...

Thank you Alice! I miss you too!

GreenSpaceGoods said...

Wow. You know, this series has always made me a little uncomfortable. Seeing it all together though is really amazing and reading your description clarifies it a lot. I realize now that I'm reacting appropriately I think. It's not supposed to be comfortable. It's supposed to be about anxiety and discomfort. I get it now. You've really done a fantastic job communicating those emotions. Well done.

Maria Doering said...

Thank you! I'm really glad it makes sense!!!