Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Two 12 hour train rides - 4 days New York City- MaFiA & Halloween - the visual documentation.

Leaving the currently depressing Canadian Landscape behind. On the train down south.

Adirondak trail.

Ceiling at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City. (That's where the IPCNY print fair was held.)

Central Park Zoo, just walked past it, it was a gorgeous day. And yeay there were still leaves on the trees in NYC!

Craziest Halloween of our lives. Fiona and I as totally authentic pirates. These photos where taken before we threw ourselves into total craziness.

Captain Jamie receiving some lovin'


Posing for the Captain...

We had no idea what was awaiting us outside!! Ahhh!

Didn't I say Mister Jamie is GIGANTIC!!!

Hmmm eggs and Maggi soon to be Omlettes.
Delicious breakfast with eggs, ham, bread, cucumber and avocado.. that's right.. we know how it's done!
Mister Jamie saying Hi... to SUNSHINE!
Fiona and I hit up the artist edition and book fair at the tunnel and had delicious pizza at Don Giovanni's afterwards! Yeay for Chelsea!

Don Giovanni's

Hanging out at Union Square waiting for Andre.

Hm treeees.. with Foliage!

Mister Jamie decided to rest his head on the futon... WTF? ;)

MaFiA doing some serious drawing, talking, thinking. hanging out, listening to music..etc.. coz we can.

Hmm Fi's delicious drawing.
And my creative Microbe... what? lol


Anonymous said...

good times...yeay
love mom

Maria Doering said...

definitely. good times. haven't had such good times in a very long time.

Anonymous said...

that dinner was not long enough. but i am grateful for seeing you than not seeing you at all.

Maria Doering said...

I agree! :)

Anonymous said...

omg mister jamie is huuuuuuuuge!


Maria Doering said...

haha he is GIGANTIC! and really strong too. It's crazy!!