Monday, November 24, 2008

Printing up a storm.

I won't deny it. I have pretty much avoided the printshop most of the semester... Well that's a lie, I work there as lithography tech/monitor/TA almost every day. This semesters working/class/teaching arrangement and the much larger Litho-student-crowd gave me every reason to avoid printing my own projects in there. And honestly by the time I finished work and class all I wanted to do was go home. So therefore I worked on drawing on top of my printed patterns at home for the past month and 1/2. (-> see Rupture I-VI) Why did I stop? Well I ran out of paper, so it was time to go back and do some more printing.
So now the end of term critique is coming around and christmas break. I had started printing 3 linocuts half way through the semester, two of which I finished today. Additionally after overcoming multiple technical difficulties I finally managed to print the full edition of new fabrik prints. First color finished, 2nd color will happen within the next few days. And I am planning to sew the pieces while I am in Georgia. That way I have a lovely task which does not require much thinking, perfect for "vacation-time".

Christmas cards... my friends... yes yes yes. If you are on my mailing list one of these babies will be on it's way to your mailbox very soon! If you are not on my mailing list but want one realllly badly... give me your address!

the new pattern printed.

I kind of liked how it offset to the aluminum plate that I stretch my fabric to. I am wondering if I should do an actual print like this on just aluminum... hmmmmm...


Anonymous said...

Huh the pattern is nice and the chrismas card...i cant mom

Anonymous said...

am i on the list (((oh i hope so))))

the pattern looks great-very ventrical and vericose veins

my wordz is not good