Monday, October 20, 2008

Why do you want me to be aware of what I am doing, when just the thought is enough to block my creativity?

I learned that analyzing ones art and making it are two totally seperate processes. And one can not happen while the other is occuring. Which has been my personal experience as well. Yet I am being pushed so very hard to know the answers to it all by the time I finish a piece... In my opinion that is impossible!

I love stabilo... really do. My aunt just brought me a new package of them over from Germany. Hmmmhmmm!


Anonymous said...

i think it depends on perception.
my own perception is that i make, step back analyze whats working/whats not, sometimes take time out to plan and think it over, make, analyze, make and it's an entire whole process of many small process'

Maria Doering said...

exactly! But both simultaneously at exactly the same time are not possible... I mean we always make decisions consciously and unconsciously while we create but analyzing it is another story.

Anonymous said...

wow i dont ever remember getting in depth about art while in school. was art theory even discussed? i skipped all my foundations friday classes...did they talk about it there?

Maria Doering said...

Art theory and philosophies of art where only mentioned in freshman year in issues and artmaking, where we had to read that book "but is it art?" but we never really discussed it they just pumped images of art into us. At the beginning of this seminar class that I am taking right now we learned about different art teaching systems.. etc.. and different ways of conducting a critique. A manner in which the viewer as well as the artists benefit the most from the exchange. Where a dialog is encouraged. Etc. Basically the way most critiques I attended in Hartford where done except Hartford did not include any arttheory into the discussion, which I think would have enriched it even more. Most often the subject matter/content wasn't discussed in depth instead focus was on the technical aspects of the work... incl. composition..etc.

Funny enough the school I am now at puts barely any weight into the technical side instead all into the content.