Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nuffnuff - the hedgehog at 13 weeks

Ladies and Gentlemen,
may I present:
Nuffnuff - the Hedgehog,
already 13 weeks old!

In the mean time she has grown out of her shoe, out of her sleeping bag/washcloth and is currently inhabiting a santa hat that is nice and soft after I turned it inside out for her.


Fiona said...

lol Look at that face :) So cute!

PS wait till you see the size of mister jamie...oh boy!

Anonymous said...

oh, shes getting to be a little chubster.

Maria Doering said...

lol despite her daily 1-2 hour speeeeeed-racer work out in the wheel, her skin is quite stretchy to so she can roll up in a ball.