Monday, September 15, 2008


Maybe I should explain this.
I was too excited to explain last night when I received the email that is quoted below. So let me clarify. I participated in the 5th annual Print Zero Studio's Print Exchange last year. And from what I have experienced it was one of the best little things I did. It triggered a whole series of exciting events. Soon after participating they sent the exchange out as a traveling exhibition around the U.S. and even made it to Denmark. The cultural center in denmark was so excited about this show that they organized their own mini print group show and invited me to sent in some work that is now part of their permanent collection.
They published a catalog of those 2 shows in combination.
Now back in the U.S. the Printzero guys from Seattle, specifically Jeremy Cody, decided to organize a Catalog (kind of like the best of the last 5 print exchanges), where he is planning on showcasing the work of 50 printmakers. They narrowed it down from around 1000 printmakers to 100. And those 100 were to sent in applications (images, artist statements..etc..) from which the 50 for the Catalog were chosen.
I AM IN! :)

"Dear Artist,

Your work has been accepted for inclusion in the first ever PrintZero Studios catalog.

The tentative title of the forthcoming catalog is “50/50”.

Cara Forrler the Curator of Contemporary Prints at the Davidson Gallery in Seattle will be writing the introduction to the catalog. Check out their site at

Thank you for submitting your work.

I will be contacting you individually if I need more information or images from you for the upcoming catalog.

Jeremy Cody"


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that is awesome! you made it through 1000. you need to celebrate!

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