Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MISC-update.. foodism and such.

I decided to post some random photos of the past few weeks, i've been very busy but not productive at all, which is of course a problem ;). But it's also totally normal in the beginning of the semester. I am back to working 16 hours a week in the printshop as Lithography tech/monitor, and 4 hours of being a Teaching Assistent. I have 3 classes and am learning french with a language exchange partner, between 3 and 7 hours of the week of practicing french and teaching him english. So it's actually a lot of fun. Today I am going to develop some film in the darkrooms. Haven`t done that since last winter, so I`m excited.

I took the foodism photo on St. Laurent during a lovely day with Anne-marie.

First day of school. Time to go home.
Place des Arts fountain, surounded by the Opera, Theatre and Contemporary Art Museum.
I took this September 2nd when it was still hot outside, the day I picked up Nuffnuff from her previous Owner.
It`s been really cold for the past week and a half. At the moment only 48 degrees F. Last night the temperatures dropped almost to the freezing point. Not a fan!


Anonymous said...

fooodism!!!! enticing!

Busy and productive mean the same thing. Why be so hard on yourself?

Maria Doering said...

no they are not. I can be busy without getting anything done. And since I am here to make art... I get frustrated when I run around all week without doing ANY art. Haven't had any time to get started on anything and that is frustrating. ;)

Anonymous said...


Fiona said...

artsy fartsy!