Sunday, September 14, 2008

Adventures in the life of NuffNuff the Hedgehog!

"What is that thing that you are pointing at me?"
Relentlessly curious.. as always, it is a true challenge to take a good picture of her ;)!
When she sleeps on my belly, she loves it and stretches out completely. It's SOOOOO cute!
the most entertaining thing is climbing around on and in Maria's clothes!
And hanging out in her dress-pocket!

She is now close to 8 weeks old and damn she has been growing a lot the last few days, quilling has also started, it is interesting the adult quills she is getting are pure white. Her dad was white so I am wondering if she is changing color now. Or if the adult quills will change color eventually.
Oh yeah, and she now has a little litterbox and i am potty training her... she totally figured it out by herself though, its adorible!

WOW!?! what is that thing? can i lick it? it smells funny! :)

She is totally showing me how it's done ;).


Anonymous said...

hedgehog and a litterbox,that's funny ;-)
sooooo cute!

wee-fi said...

I want her :D

Anonymous said...

the litterbox is funny.

shes MINE. i shall steal her.

Maria Doering said...

lol.. oh you all funny! She won't let herself be stolen by any of you! The moment she smells someone other than me.. she rolls up in a ball and becomes a huffing spikey nuffnuff

littlebird said...

Oh my word!
this might be the cutest blog entry ever!!!!

Alice said...

This is so cute... ^_^
you may also my blog

Alice said...

Sadly, I don't have one because it is almost impossible to get one in HK -_-'...but I'm glad you enjoyed the blog...