Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weekly Update: Monotype commission in progress (4rth color)

I printed the 4rth color today.. it took a lot of q-tips and a loooooot of patience to wipe this one. Monotype is so funny, the midtones take the longest to print because they tend to be the most detailed layers. So it's strangely enough reminds me of running cross country races... the first mile everyone runs too fast because you have all this energy, the middle mile you start getting tired and all the adrenaline and excitement is gone and you are like.. damn it.. this takes forever.. And then the final mile you can really push yourself because then.. the race is on! ;) And it tends to pass much quicker then the middle mile. Same with Monotype. In the beginning I can print 2-3 colors in one day easily because wiping is so quick with the light colors, most of the time there isn't much to wipe.
Then the midtones... often the next 2-4 colors take a very long time... that's when the darkest red, the green and the light blue come in. And then the darkest colors are usually only in selective spots so most of the time i don't even roll up the entire matrix, (yeah for not having to wipe away 80% of the ink lol) but only the few areas that need it. Of course the challenge with the dark colors is that I usually can't see the guidelines underneath. ;) But overall the final colors are rather quickly to print.

Yeahy for wonderful few from my studio. I took this one the otherday and forgot to post it. The clouds where crazy!!

This one I took today at the park. YEAH WEIRD CLOUDS!!! They reminded me of frozen snow when it starts to crack.. Very odd.

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