Friday, August 15, 2008

on Creative Intent.... and a bit of work in progress

I just stumbled upon a bookmarked link that I came across a couple of weeks ago but never really took a close look at. I found something on this site that really spoke to me. The statement of "intent" right up front in the center really caught my attention.

"A few of us dare to dream big. Even fewer make it our life's mission to see that dream realized. We persist through any obstacle in our path, believing in ourselves when no-one else does, struggling with doubt, uncertainty and temporary set-backs.

Over time our persistence yields a quality of precision and excellence that is evident in our work and in anything we do. But even more importantly it teaches us countless lessons, reflecting back to us new ways of understanding ourselves and the world."

I can't even begin to express how accurate this statement is for many fellow artists I know. I just really enjoyed how someone managed to sum it up into four simple sentences.

Anyways, here a little update on my on-going experiment.

It's developing, and constantly changing, that's why I haven't shown updates on this mixed media painting/collage. I'm also getting some interesting feedback and am being made aware of interesting critique points that might become an issue.. or not.. in the future. I am going to elaborate on this once I have figured out myself what I think about those points.

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the only aesthetic thing that i'm drawn to in regards to that white space on her chest. which you could be a statement with it's emptiness in color- once you figure out the intent:)