Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mid-week assessment - the good and the bad news.

If only I wouldn't have been sick this week.. If only I would have known... ... That the print technician choose yesterday to take the blue blanket off the large mailaender offset press for it to be replaced. If only I would have known that the Mailaender offset press is now officially out of order until the end of August... then I could have planed around it and given the pattern plate priority and get my fabric printed. Well now it's just going to have to wait until next semester... whoopsi little change in the summer course plan.

Eitherway I processed, inked up and 2nd etched the plate anyways so it's ready to go for when the lovely Mailaender is back in business.. Next Month. sigh.

Luckily the blanket-replacer-man did not confiscate the crappy old blanket on the small offset press therefore I can happily continue with my Monotype. So today was 5th color day ..or.. the scary omnious green layer.. ;). Which always looks scary and odd and way too dark, and then prints just right. Definitely Lots of q-tips used today though.

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Anonymous said...

Ich denke immer Vroni schaut mich an!
Bussi Mama