Friday, August 1, 2008

late Mid-week Assessment: Monotype commission and litho-pattern

I mixed the colors for the monotype commission yesterday these are the tentative starting points ;). And somewhat the order in which they are being printed beginning with the lightest of course. I printed the first 3 colors today, from this palette I printed the first 2 and then switched #3 and #4, so I shall print number #3 and #5 tomorrow.

after color #2

after color #4 (which was actually the 3rd color to be printed)

This was the wiped matrix before printing the 3rd color.

I also finished the new pattern plate. And gave it the first etch. Tomorrow I shall process it and give it the 2nd etch. Then I could technically print it sunday.. welll we'll see about that.. might wait till monday, after all the trouble I have had with the last plate.


Anonymous said...

explain monotype printing to me. i was reading about picasso doing printmaking and i had in my mind so i googled home made monotype and am gonna give it a go. what steps would i do if i were in a printshop?

oh yea-the comission is gorgeous, love the lightig. miss you.

Maria Doering said...

ok technically monoprinting is no were as complicated as what i do.
technically all you need is a piece of good ol' plexiglass(preferably sanded) but you can also use frosted mylar or vellum... and some watercolors..or watercolor pens, paint on it an play with it and then take a sheet of paper, let it soak for a while in water and then lay that sheet of paper ontop of your "matrix". now usually i would say now you run it through a printing press.. (neeeeds LOTS of pressure) but you might be able to use a barren (wooden spoon) or something similar to rub and transfer it.. this lady describes she even transfered it with her hands..
She used the same watersoluable inks cornelia uses "Akua color" are becoming more and more popular since they are supposedly non-toxic. The web says Akua color is designed for printing without a press so if you stumble upon them might be worth the investment. Cornelia loves them. She has only worked with them for years and they can be quite intense. this is pretty informative as well!

this was basically for when you are at home.
when you are in a printshop you have a lot more possibilities due to the equipment and facilities. you would use color lithography inks. And a printing press. you can use the etching press (which is a one shot deal, you run it through it's done) or you can use the letterpress where you can layer many many layers on top of each other and get them perfectly registered, and you can get up to 2 close to identical images out of your matrix.
or you could do what i do and use the offset press, where you can get up to 5 close to identical images out of that matrix, and you can get perfect registration (oh and the images doesn't reverse since it's offset on the roller first)
the last two presses also do not require wet paper at all. monoprint and monotype is a very OPEN technique... you could pretty much do anything. i use monotype more with the techniques of a printer/printmaker layers/ colorseperation etc..
while most people use it the painterly way, where they just take a brush and paint on their plexi or mylar and then print it. you can get some cool effect that way too. effect that you can never get by painting direktly on paper.
let me know if you got more questions.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Maria!
Die Farbkompination ist schoen...ich liebe das Armygreen!
Bussi Mama