Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bubble Tea and "The first Time on her Bicycle"

Funny how sometimes your Horoscope is just dead on. I always am intrigued by this. Last night I read my Horoscope and it predicted that I would have the opportunity to be very social and that it would be a good day for interesting discussions today.. etc. So I spent most of the day in the studio working and obviously didn't even think about anything but the circle/bubble pattern I was working on. When my phone rings and the lovely Bhinesha saves me from the solitude of my refrigerated studio space. And it turns out that we are both rather talkative and spent hours walking around the city elaborating on very interesting subject matter. Finally we finished off by conquering this bubbletea cafe around the corner from school which up to this point was filled with Chinese teens. I officially had my first REALLY good Bubble tea today. My past experiences have been way too sweet and way too much. Today I went for the simple "green tea" with tapioca bubbles and I realllllly enjoyed it.
So yeah of course this is bad considering this place is right around the corner from my studio.. now I am going to go there all the time! ;)

Anyways I rented some interesting documentaries from the Bibliotheque Nationale today one is this original art documentary where Henri-George Clouzot gets together with his buddy Picasso and they decide to film Picasso while he is painting. From beginning to end. It's QUITE interesting, especially later towards the end. The creation and destruction of his work in layers upon layers, where other artist's would have hesitated or stopped long ago he collages over his painting and then paints over that layer again destroying his drawing, which just destroyed the painting underneath... It's REALLY intersting. The film is called: The Mystery of Picasso and is french with english subtitles.

This evening I felt like doing a quick watercolor on paper. I miss doing regular watercolor portraits, or working from references and such. So I played with this old reference I took years ago. The paper was too big to scan on my little scanner so I took a crappy photo of it.

"The first Time on her Bicycle"


GreenSpaceGoods said...

Ahh bubble tea.. There used to be a place in midtown called "Tea Space" that had a delightful bubble tea. They've since closed and it's too bad. (Thanks for helping raise bottle cap awareness by the way! (hugs))

Anonymous said...

Och...ich erinnere mich an mein erstes mal auf einem Fahrrad...mein linkes Knie hat Narben!
Love you! Mom

Maria Doering said...

greenspacegoods: you are welcome, thought it was a good idea. Do you get a lot of canadian bottle caps, if not I'll keep my eye out for interesting ones from up here!

Mama: Ich errinnere mich das ichs radeln in schlaitz gelernt habe, bei oma doene aufm hof, auf einem rad das viel zu gross war. ;) Scary. hab ich das richtig in errinnerung?

Anonymous said...


Maria Doering said...

ok gut. ;)

Racheal said...

the idea of bubble tea is fun, alot of places can't pull it off.

its a good time to be in a picasso phase:)

who is that about to ride their bike?

Maria Doering said...

sorry can't reveal the identity of the little bike rider. Never got a consentform from the parents, but she doesn't really look like the original reference either so I am ok.

GreenSpaceGoods said...

I don't think we have any canadian ones. Please feel free to send them!

Anonymous said...

was zur Hölle ist bubble tea? Dumme Europäerin bittet um Erklärung! ;)Bussi Vroni

Maria Doering said... ;)