Thursday, July 3, 2008

Weekly Update

So in an earlier entry I showed a sketch/map of a new piece I want to do, in which I combine painting, printmaking, collage, patterns and portraiture...hopefully successfully. Inspired by the good ol' Gustav Klimt and the dear Frida Kahlo and of course Lots of ... "Maria" in the mix. I call this work in progress the "MIX Project" to make it easier to refer to it later. For starters I found a huge piece of canvas left from my hartford days, and literally stretched it to the wall, yeah there was something very satisfying about stapling things to the wall ;).
Then 2 coats of gesso. And hopefully a third coat of gesso today before I get started with it.

Then the Litho is going slowly, but surely. I think I might have it finished before the end of July. ;)
Maybe close to finish before I leave next wednesday? no idea.

This is the current state of the collage painting I was working on. I think that's being put on hold for now until I figure out what to do next, if I should add one or two more layers or whether or not it's finished.

And this is the preperatory pencil drawing on frosted mylar for a new monotype project, in this case a commission. :)

Ok the printshop looks so deserted and dead, you can practically smell that no one has worked in there for months now. And I reallllly hate going in there alone right now. But soon I can't avoid it anymore! I need to print, the monotype as soon as it's prepped, the last layer on the lino cut that has been sitting here waiting for a month know. And as soon as litho is finished I have to hop on that. So this is what's up. :)

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damn that canvas is huge..