Monday, July 7, 2008

My Mix Project in progress. - early stages: underpainting and partial first layers


wee-fi said...

This reminds me of a story:

Once upon a time, two art students decided to do a still life drawing in a dorm room closet. They slaved away until one day, their drawings were complete. They went to class and got ripped apart in critique. "But why?! We don't understand!" Then the grand master drawing teacher Stephen said, "You must make sure your art works on two levels. From up close AND from far away." The two students sulked in agreement and hid the drawings away in the back of their closets forever...never to be seen again...BUT that's not the end of our story!!!

*flash forward to 2008* One of these students went ahead to produce work which did just what the grand master proposed. *insert image of what you are working on right now* Everyone was drawn from afar by the boldness of the collage then lost in wonder by the detail up front. The other student went to her friend and said, "Holy shit! I think you got it, woman!!!" And everyone rejoiced singing and dancing in the streets.....and Racheal bitch slapped some hos.


Maria Doering said...

OH MAN FIONA! lol your story just made my day! :D
I think that day with Stephen was one of the most embarrassing and shocking moments in my entire artschool carreer lol.
:) GOOD STORY though! ;) thanks fiona

Jodilynn said...

I cannot stop looking and pulling and staring and wondering at that gorgeous piece. Holy S**t (from Fiona) is right on the money. Holy cannoli, from this half Italian.