Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mix-Project update: more WorkInProgress

Here I am back in the studio. I've been working on getting a whole stack of greeting cards ready for an etsy order, and painting on this project. I got some nice silver,orange and brown sharpies when I was down south, so be able to mix it up a bit is definitely more entertaining then using all black sharpies for the patterns.
The plan for the next 2 days is to get my butt back into the printshop though, as much as it's fun to paint again I really have to work on print. The monotype commission is waiting for me as well as my litho patterns that i need to redraw completely. Of course I am also still working on the stone litho. But I am going to come back to that one after getting substantial work done in the other projects.

Btw the plan is to cut out the main shape of this canvas, so that it doesn't stay a rectangle. and possibly sew the top to a thin rod so it can be hung without needing to be stretched again.. well we'll see how that is going to work out. Either way plenty to do these days! For those of you who are in Montreal or are thinking about coming here, I recommend checking out the Francofolies, 150 free concerts, all frenchspeaking musicians for the most part at least, definitely very entertaining. And it's conveniently right downtown at Place-des-Art were the Jazz fest was.


wee-fi said...

The pattern work on this piece is fantastic, Maria. I'm really blown away!

Maria Doering said...

thank you fi, it's good to hear some encouragement, i have selfdoubts about this piece every othertime I look at it. One moment it makes sense, the next it doesnt lol.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Maria!
Das sieht hervorragend aus!
Ich mag die Farben!
Bussi Mom